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Today, people are on the move more than ever before. For a better future. For a better everyday life. As a leading money transfer company, Ria is committed to helping businesses and individuals thrive through the fast and secure transfer of funds across borders at a great value.

Our job is to deliver our customers’ hard-earned money straight into the hands of those who need it most. By providing our customers with a fast, convenient, and safe service, we get money to where it matters affordably. We contribute to helping communities, families, and individuals get ahead.

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We champion new channels and markets, we make things flow safely, and we overcome complexity and borders. On our watch, nobody gets left behind.

We harness technology and our powerful retail network to connect our customers with anyone in the world, no matter how remote the location. Why? Because being able to take care of those we love is not just a responsibility, it is a human right. We believe no measure of geography should come between our goals, our families, and our communities.

A letter from Juan Bianchi

CEO Euronet's Money Transfer Segment

We founded Ria Money Transfer in 1987 with a simple mission: ensure migrant workers had options to send money without needing to sacrifice peace of mind for a fair price. We started with a single storefront in New York City, delivering remittances to Dominican Republic. But we knew there were many more families who needed our services, and we were driven by our desire to help them. The money transfer industry has come a long way since then, from physical cash delivery processes to near-instant digital payment networks, and so have we.

Now, with more than 402,000 locations across the globe, we have developed the second largest network in the industry, with offices and hubs in almost all major cities in the world. Still, our values and drive remain the same. We continue to advocate for those who are often vulnerable and whose voices aren’t heard.

Ria exists so that millions of families worldwide can build a better life for themselves and their loved ones. At the beginning, it would’ve been easy to become overwhelmed by the vastness of the challenge at hand. A few people in a single store wouldn’t have been able to provide a far-reaching remittance service to the whole world. But every person who joined our company and who partnered with us furthered our reach.

To this day, we continue to champion new channels and markets with the same passion with which we started. Everyone who is part of the Ria family believes in providing an honest and cost-effective money transfer service to everyone, everywhere. Regardless of our growth, we’ve kept our promise. Our customers remain at the heart of everything we do.

A message from our CEO,
Shawn Fielder

When I joined Ria in 2012, I was struck by how every single person across the company was driven by the same motive: helping families support one another. This is evident through the expression of care that guides our continued efforts to do what we do. Because we understand that our customers put their faith in us. Imagine, they work so hard for that money they earn to support their loved ones. They deserve to receive an affordable price and the best FX rates. They deserve the best network and to have a choice of currencies and payout methods. But, above all, they deserve to have someone who can help answer their questions.

When a customer chooses a money transfer provider, they are putting the well-being of their loved ones in the hands of a company. The faith and trust they must put in us is immeasurable, but it is nothing in comparison to the love and responsibility they feel towards their families and communities.

This is why our way of working has always been about providing that close-knit service. It's about building relationships with our customers that will make them feel safe, appreciated, and understood. In the end, a money transfer service can offer much more than a simple transfer of funds. It can represent an emotional bridge between migrants and everything left behind.

Within this report, you’ll find information about our company and our values, but also about the remittance industry. Our sector can play a major role in lifting communities, and even entire countries, who depend on receiving these funds from abroad.

We hope you can help us on our mission to bring better opportunities to the migrant population around the world. You can do so by partnering with us or by simply amplifying our message: that everyone, regardless of location or origin, deserves a chance at a better everyday life.

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